Can Hypnosis help achieve weight loss?

It is already established that hypnosis can assist with weight loss. Obviously hypnosis alone cannot achieve a reduction in one's weight however with the combination of a proper diet, regular exercise and hypnosis, profound results can be achieved. Shifting weight is as much a mental process as it is physical. Hypnosis can address the root of an unhealthy lifestyle and begin fixing the problem from the core. Diets are only short term ' quick fixes', when one attempts to change their physical appearance in a short period of time. Most people who diet to achieve physical change more often than not, find after a while the weight is put back on.

With hypnosis, unhealthy food cravings can be addressed in depth in order to reach a long term change in the subject's life. The difference between permanent weight loss and temporary gains and losses is very much psychological. Long term change can only come with commitment and discipline. Weight loss hypnotherapy works directly with the subconscious level of the mind where eating habits are formed and maintained. It then works to change these habits for the better of the person.

Like with any issue such as smoking, fears and phobias, in order to achieve long term change, the core of the issue must be located. Someone with a fear or phobia must ask themselves - where does my fear come from? What has caused me to feel this way? For someone aiming to quit smoking, the reason why they smoke must be detected and worked through. This is where hypnosis helps achieve the desired results. It helps penetrate to the root of the problem. You could compare this process to that of reprogramming a computer. One needs to change the program that the computer understands to something different in order to see new results. That is what Hypnotherapy does. Hypnosis is a process of reprogramming a person's mind through suggestions to think in a new way and ultimately achieve a new lifestyle.